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Soviet Project - Horror Game v1.2.5 Mod APK [Invencível]



Soviet Project - Horror Game is a Aventura app published by Ak Studio Mobile

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Soviet Project - Horror Game

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Soviet Project - Horror Game Detalhe

This is not just the Soviet Union simulator. The action of this survival 3D FPS game takes place in the silent city of Zhukovsk, similar to Chernobyl. On an autumn night in 1991, the entire population of the silent city was evacuated for an unknown reason.
You are an ordinary resident of the Chernobyl-like city. You did not have time to evacuate at night. And you are forced to survive on your own like a stalker now.
In the survival 3D FPS indie game you need to explore the deserted realistic city in Chernobyl style like a stalker, solve puzzles and find a way out of the situation.

Dangerous mutated bug dolls with atomic hearts operate on the realistic streets of Soviet Union. Either liquidate them like a brave stalker or run away. After some time, you will be able to make two types of weapons in this survival 3D FPS game to destroy dolls' atomic hearts.

The location of the indie game is a semi-open realistic world, but this is not just the Soviet Union simulator. You can go to many realistic buildings located in the silent city and explore them like a stalker. All places are unique in their own way.
Models and environments are made with meticulous accuracy, which will allow you to feel the whole Chernobyl-like realistic atmosphere of horror on yourself.
Good optimization in this survival 3D FPS game will allow you to play even on weak phones and save the battery of the device.

You are not limited in your actions. You can study some parts at once, then proceed to the passage of the main storyline, which will allow you to discover new places like a stalker.

With this game you will get:

● More than 15 hours of exciting horror action game.
● Responsive operation.
● Beautiful night graphics like in Soviet Union simulators.
● 3 different endings and an alternate playthrough.
● Pleasant music for adventure.
● Ability to play offline.
● Excellent optimization and low battery life.

Embark on a great adventure of action and suspense in a silent Soviet Union city and find out what happened.
A scary indie game with creepy zombie-like dolls with atomic hearts in a realistic adventure where you must find a way out of the situation. Discover the story about zombie-like dolls when began.

You will be able to explore the exteriors of this silent night city, but you must be careful not to be attacked by scary zombie-like dolls with atomic hearts.
Find out how to enter the houses without falling into the clutches of dolls and don't be afraid of what you might find inside, you will need tools to keep moving forward.

Some features:

● 3D graphics style, bring you the most realistic horror adventure.
● Breathtaking plot, use your wisdom and strategy to find the creepy truth of the silent city.
● Unusual Soviet Union simulator in horror style.
● Exploring with the first-person perspective, testing logical reasoning ability, and discovering the horror secrets hidden in the city.
● Take up your weapons.
● A lot of dolls, zombie-like dolls!
● Creepy music and sounds effects. Wear your earphones to experience the horror atmosphere.
● Play offline. You can play it everywhere!

Discover realistic horror in the Soviet Union city, and scary creatures in this atmospheric indie game.
Good luck getting through the new horror game!

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