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Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker - Monster Legends, a infinity adventure game in which you have to fight armies of fantastic and funny monsters. Upgrade the skills and spells of your hero, collect unique monsters, get their souls and pump their abilities. Try yourself as a gold miner, and spend your reward on various improvements. Discover and learn monster legends, defeat enemies and exchange shards of flame for ancient relics. Also, in this Idle RPG Clicker you have to free strange creatures from the hands of villains and they will help you in future battles.
Tap tap and upgrade your pets and they will be of much greater benefit.

★ Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker - Monster Legengs★
★ There are various currencies in the game: gold, gems, souls and shards of flame. Try to get all the treasures and find uses for them.
★ Tap and Upgrade damage, spells, abilities, increase level skills your hero.
★ Learn monster legends and collect them. Mine souls and invest them in abilities.
★ In this Infinity Idle Miner RPG Clicker game you can get mysterious creatures that will be your pets. Unite them and they will become stronger!
★ Your hero mine monster legends, shards of flame, which you can always get by applying prestige. Exchange them for ancient relics and upgrade them. They significantly improve various characteristics
★ Tap tap alongside your helpers to quickly release this infinity adventure RPG.
★ Drink powerful potions. They are designed for temporary powerful boosts.
★ In the current infinity adventure RPG idle miner clicker game you can always watch short videos and enjoy big bonuses or make in-app purchases.
★ The idle game allows your hero to mine gold even when you are offline or afk. Spend this reward to upgrade your abilities.

Pets are waiting for their hero, and the infinity fantasy world wants to free itself from the shackles of monster legends. Are you ready to fight for this wonderful world? Try this infinity adventure Idle miner RPG clicker game right now.

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